Monday, July 25, 2016

I am very excited to tell you about an upcoming website! There are two aspects of this that I will mention. First, Network211 is developing an evangelism site for our military; active, retired, and military families. You can see a rough draft of the site at The purpose is “equipping warriors to find wholeness in everyday life.” As this site develops, we will add videos, like we do for, as well as written content.

The life issues that will be addressed are:
          • Isolation to Community
          • Insignificance to Fulfilled Purpose
          • Deep Loss to Hope
          • Fear to Peace
          • Family Brokenness to Family Health
          • Moral Injury to Confident Consolation
          • Hardship of Separation to Strength in the Journey
          • Financial Difficulty to Financial Freedom
          • Lack of Identity to Acceptance of Purpose
          • Post Traumatic Stress to Significant Daily Contentment
          • Deployment to Reintegration

The idea is that we will present the Truth of Jesus Christ to military personnel, with content produced by believers who serve, or who have served, in the military and the follow up will be by believers who have military experience.

Second, Network211 is hosting “The Warrior’s Journey Inaugural Banquet” in Dallas, TX on October 15, 2016. You can learn more about this at The keynote speaker will be Lt Gen (retired) William “Jerry” Boykin. The focus of the banquet will be to raise funds to complete The Warrior’s Journey website.

Here are some action points as you respond to this opportunity.
   1. Please pray for the production of the website and all the myriad of details that need to
       be addressed.
   2. Please pray for The Warrior’s Journey Inaugural Banquet. We would like a full house
       and to raise a significant amount of money so that we can complete the website and
       do so with excellence.
   3. Please consider attending the Inaugural Banquet! We would love to see you there!
   4. Please pray, in advance, for those who will be viewing the website. Pray that they will
       allow the Lord to speak to their hearts and bring them wholeness, encouragement,
       and hope. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

It is like every day is Sunday!

     We praise the Lord that in the first quarter of 2015, Network211 averaged 11,111 visitors to our evangelism sites, 433 evangelism responses, and 60 discipleship connections every single day! We are thrilled that we can present the Gospel of Jesus Christ 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 

Friday, December 20, 2013


Network211's Project 10Million was launched officially on October 15, 2008.  It was our desire to present the Gospel to ten million people in ten years.  We thank the Lord that He had a different timetable.  On October 14, 2013 around 11:30 pm, we saw our 10,000,000th visitor; five years ahead of schedule!  You can see in the picture that 608,052 of the visitors made an evangelism response and then 152,550 wrote to us in a discipleship connection.  They came from 236 countries and territories!  We praise the Lord for this opportunity and pray the that seed of the Gospel planted in the hearts of people around the world will grow, thrive, and produce fruit!

Friday, August 2, 2013

9,000,000 Vistors

I want to give you an update to say, “Look at what the Lord has done!”  This morning at 6:43 am, the 9,000,000th visitor viewed a Network211 evangelism site. Of that number 572,570 made an evangelism response (click a response button) and 147,426 made a discipleship connection (clicked a button and wrote to us). God is good! 

Lord willing, we will see the 10 millionth visitor by October and thus complete Project 10Million in five years instead of ten years.  It took four years to reach the first five million visitors.  The fifth year, we will have five million visitors in the year alone. 

The plan is then to enlarge the vision and start Project 100Million. Please pray with me that the Lord will provide the prayer and financial support as well as the extra personnel needed in our main office to address the goal of reaching 100,000,000 people with the Good News.

The Lord amazing!

Please see our main evangelism site at

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Join the Network211 celebration of Project 10Million and tour Israel with us! For more information please visit and look at the "Jerusalem" section.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012